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We put together a few answers to questions we think you may run into. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do reach out to us and we will be happy to help.
What makes POGS headphones unique?

Great question, click here to find out all about POGS unique features.

Can my child safely use POGS headphones without risk of hearing loss?

POGS headphones are designed to be safe for kids as the volume is limited to 85dB maximum. This is considered safe for kids' hearing by the World Health Organization. We do strongly recommend to limit the use of headphones to a maximum of 2 hours per day which is in line with recommendations from hearing specialists. To protect your kids hearing, while using POGS and generally in life, please lower the volume, reduce listening time, and move away from loud noises.

Are these headphones suitable for young kids as well?

POGS headphones are designed for kids from the age of 3 years and older. We do not recommend to use headphones at all for kids younger under the age of 3 years.

Are POGS headphones made out of safe materials?

Yes, we are stricter than any laws to ensure only non-toxic materials are used in POGS headphones.

I only hear sound in one ear can but the other does not seem to work, what should I do?

Most likely the cable is not connected properly.

POGS come with two gold colored cables. One with triangular plugs for connecting multiple POGS together. Use the other cable with the round plugs which is meant for connecting your POGS with your device. 

Take the cable with the  round plugs, and connect it with the straight round plug (with the black mic button closest) into the round hole in the headphones. Insert the angled round connector into your phone, tablet or laptop. Please ensure that the cable is plugged in firmly, sometimes it needs a bit of a push to go in fully. This should solve the issue.

Can you pair two headphones to one single device?

Yes. You can connect multiple POGS headphones to one single device using the POGLink cable. With the wireless headphones, connect the first headphone wirelessly to the device (like a phone, laptop or tablet) and then use the POGLink cable (with the triangular plug) to connect the second headphones to the first headphones. For the wired POGS headphones, use the QuickSafe cable (with the round plug) to connect the first headphones to the device, then use POGLink to hook up the second headphones to the first one.

What if I want to connect more than 2 POGS headphones?

You can do so with a bit more creativity. After you have hooked up the second headphones using the POGLink cable (triangular plug), then connect the third headphones with the QuickSafe cable (round plug). For the fourth one, once again use a POGLink cable (triangular plug) and so on. To remember easily, just make sure round plugs go into the round holes, triangular plugs into the triangular holes. Please make sure you press the plugs firmly into the jacks.

For the wired headphone, does the cable unplug from the headset?

Yes, all POGS cables are anti-tangle fabric cables and they unplug from the headset. By removing them for storage, the cables will last longer. It is also important for the cables to release quickly if they get caught on something, for the safety of your child as well as your devices, which is what all POGS cables, like the QuickSafe cable, are designed to do.

Do POGS headphones require batteries to work?

No. POGS 'The Elephant', the wired model, does not require batteries at all. The wireless model, POGS 'The Gecko', has an internal non-removable battery that can be charged via USB. Don’t worry though, if you have forgotten to charge the battery, also the wireless model can be used without battery using the QuickSafe cable which is also included for the wireless model.

What is the range of the wireless Bluetooth headphones?

With 'The Gecko', the wireless Bluetooth model, you can move freely around your device in a range of approximately 10 meters. Please note that range can be impacted by obstacles in between your device and the headphones, like walls.

How long can I use the Bluetooth headphones?

You can use your wireless headphones for 12 hours after a full charge (only takes 2 hours). But don’t worry, the Bluetooth models also come with cables so you can keep on using it even when your battery is empty. If you want wireless action quickly after your battery runs empty, just charge for 10 minutes for 1 hour of use.

How do I connect my wireless POGS Gecko to my phone, tablet or laptop?

Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on on your phone, tablet or laptop. Press the pairing mode button (the one between the cable jack and the LED light) on your POGS headphones for 5 seconds and ‘My POGS headphones’ will appear on your device. Now you are connected.

Do POGS wireless headphones have cables included in the box?

Yes, all POGS kids headphones (wired and wireless) come with both the QuickSafe and POGlink cables included in the box. 

I lost my cables or they got twisted one too many times, can I get new ones?

Our cables can easily be replaced as they are all detachable. You can order new cables on the website in accessories (click here) so you can still use your POGS headphones for a long time.

What happens if my POGS headphones do not work?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure POGS are of the highest quality. In the odd case your POGS do not work as you would expect, please run through the steps of the Quick Start Guide first. If you still have trouble with your POGS, please contact us so we can help resolve the problem quickly for you.

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