Go Greener this Black Friday 🌱

Black Friday is here! The biggest POGS promotion of the year with 15% off almost all headphones and accessories, for a limited time only.

At POGS, we're committed to limiting our impact on our planet, with no single use plastics, no waste manufacturing, giving 10% of our profits to reforestation, just to name a few. Choosing POGS means you’re already making the greener choice.

This Black Friday we’re taking it a step further by giving you the option to direct part of your discount to planting an extra tree 🌱. This will be on top of our ongoing commitment of investing 10% of our profits into reforestation. When you choose the Greener Black Friday option, you’ll receive an 8% discount off your POGS purchase, and the remaining 7% will go to planting extra trees. And, you’ll receive a digital certificate by email with your order confirmation acknowledging your contribution.  

Black Friday or Greener Black Friday: the choice is yours! Either way, POGS is the greenest choice for kids headphones

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