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Poges Kids Headphones
Hi Robert. Shame to hear that your cables were malfunctioning! I've found your original order and sent you a brand new set! We don't often hear about malfunctioning cables, we stand for durability and longevity which is why we're not used to these kind of complaints! Hopefully your experience with our products will be changed for the better after receiving the new cables and being able to use the POGS once again at it's highest performance.
Perfect for kids!
Great for kids
great fit, happy child
great headphones, pretty and pretty sturdy!
I have lost my kids to POGS! 😆
Beautiful and good quality, but too loud
Hi Carolin, First of all thank you for choosing for POGS Headphones! Our products are designed to be safe for kids as the volume is limited to 85dB maximum. This is considered safe for kids' hearing above the age of 3 by the World Health Organization. We do strongly recommend to limit the use of headphones to a maximum of 2 hours per day which is in line with recommendations from hearing specialists. So this means that it is perfectly safe for kids to use, just keep in mind that there should be a maximum in using the headphones!
Super ding!
Peace and quiet
Wired headphones disapointing
Hi Zoe, Sounds like you've had some really bad luck! We have indeed designed our products to last as long as possibe. Not only for your comfort but also to put as little pressure on the environment as possible. There are on occasion some small malfunctions in our cables or headphones and it sounds to me that on of your cables is the problem. We've already contacted you privately to solve this problem!
Beschermt de oren van uw kind
Happiest 6yr old ever
Great headphones for kids
Coole koptelefoon, uitstekende service
Our third Pogs headphones