About POGS and us

We found that while kids use headphones more and more frequently, great headphones designed specifically for kids didn’t exist. We developed POGS headphones exclusively for kids, they’re designed with care for our kids and our planet.

With POGS we created not only the best kids’ headphones, we also aim to stimulate creative connections between kids as well as with our planet. POGLink enables kids to explore content together. We put animal references in the products to trigger kids’ interest in nature, and we aspire a world in which natural beauty is restored for generations to come so 10% of profits go to nature restoration. This also inspired our logo, referring to dwellings of indigenous people of North America (tipi) and Northern Europe (lavvu), who have strong symbiotic relationships with nature. 

All kids are unique, and we believe in expressing creativity, so we developed the Doodas, allowing kids to be creative and make their POGS their own. On the other hand, most kids can be quite tough on their goodies, so we made POGS super strong and very safe. We only use non-toxic and as much as possible recycled material. We don’t use any single use plastics.

To offer you all of this at affordable prices, we cut out the middlemen and sell them directly to you, online only.

Our team together has more than 40 years of experience in marketing and developing great consumer products. We used to do that in large corporates so we understand what is takes to bring great products successfully to the market.

We teamed up with one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, ensuring the highest quality of manufacturing, sustainability, process reliability, and product quality.

We are excited to make POGS available for you to enjoy and welcome all of your feedback (click here to share with us). Please check out the customer reviews here as well as some other reviews through below links:







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