What makes POGS unique?

Very good question! POGS headphones are designed with care for our kids and our planet. Have a look through some of POGS' unique features below.

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SafeSound for Kids

SafeSound limits the volume of POGS to 85dB to protect your kid’s hearing as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Please make sure your kids only use volume limited headphones as the WHO estimates nearly 50% of young people are exposed to unsafe sound levels from personal audio devices.

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Built to Last

POGS are made of the safest and super strong materials to survive rough handling by kids, for years to come, including bending, twisting, you name it. All our materials are also non-toxic, so you can be sure they are safe to use.

As we would like you to enjoy our products longer, you can extend the lifetime of your POGS by replacing the ear cushions or cables if needed after long extensive use.

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More Fun by Sharing and Creating

Have more fun with POGS by connecting multiple POGS together with the included POGLink cable to share and enjoy music together. Get creative and play around with your style! Make your POGS truly unique by adding Doodas and restyle them whenever you want.

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Caring for our Planet

We care for our kids and our planet. Our packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard and we do not use any single use plastics, anywhere. And 10% of our profits go directly to the planting of new trees: we aim to plant 500,000 POGS trees by 2026.

Find out more here about how we do our bit for our planet.

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Amazing Comfort and SuperiorSound

And of course, POGS are great headphones. The very comfy and hypo-allergenic ear cushions are designed to fit perfectly and keep outside noise to a minimum so the volume can be kept low.

POGS will grow with you too, with an easily adjustable and padded headband. To top it all off, POGS have amazing sound quality using special sound drivers and tuning technology.

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